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Welcome to our World



 Hi, I'm Lanie and my husband is Ron.

 The cute couple above, cheek to cheek.

We have been married now for over 22 years and we live on 20 acres in Corona California, where our home is nestled in a canyon surrounded by hills, and 5 minutes to the major freeway, to Dos Lago's Outdoor Mall, Movie House, Trilogy, Golfing, Glen Ivy Hotsprings, The Crossings, Restraunts & lots of Shopping. 

It's truly a wonderful place to live and also a great place to raise our furkids.

 We are very blessed in life and I am very happy.

Never knew life or I, could be so happy.

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Pictures of our family

Our family includes only our

2 grandboys, and nieces.  My family is Gone.

Their choice. My dad passed away

May 9th 2013 of lung cancer.








 hearts multi photo jhjhjm.gifhearts multi photo jhjhjm.gif

My furbabies.

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In the beginning, it was just Brandi, Ally & Ginger.


In August of 2005, Brandi became sick.


Brandi passed away June 12th 2006

from Lymphoma Cancer.

 photo BeautifullBrandi.jpg


Brandi Girl.


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 I miss her so dam much and I wish Brandi was still here. She was my best friend and I was very close to her.

I have a Angel page for Brandi.

 You can read my story I wrote after Brandi passed away and what I went through after she passed. Just click on the "Angel Brandi" tab up top, & read how Brandi lead me to the Corona Animal Shelter. My story was printed in the book called

Angelic Tails 

By Joan Wester Anderson 

Page 103 


At the Corona Animal Shelter, 

 I found Rootbeer & Mandi there.

 And then in 2006, I now have four goldens.

Ginger, Mandi, Ally & Rootbeer.

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 June 2008 rolls around and

Ginger, my first golden I ever had, passed away on

June 18th, 2008.

pretty girl photo august1404042.jpg

1997 - 2008

Ginger (Gin Gin)


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Ginger was 11 years old and we had to put her down due to  Mega Esophagus, which puppies are known to get, not a 11 year old healthy & happy golden.  

 Ginger lived a very happy, and loving life with us

and we miss her alot.

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Then in 2008, there was three goldens,

my 3 furkids 6-9-09

Ally, Mandi & Rootbeer. 

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4 happy Years go by and then on March 10th 2011, Mandi became very sick and passed away.



Ms. Mandi

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 Mandi was 7 years old and she passed away suddenly,

& on the day before my 51st birthday.

Mandi became ill very quickly and within  a few days,

we had to put her down.

The Vet said it was something internal and I truly believe we made the right choice.

Her brother Rootbeer misses her so much.

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As of May 2011 I have now 2


Ally & Rootbeer

Ally is 13 y.o & Rootbeer is 10 y.o 


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My sweet girl Ally who was 15 years old passed away

November 17, 2014. Ally passed away

from Kidney failure. I miss her so much.




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thglitterhjrta.gif picture by Lovemy4goldens

Now there is just Rootbeer

Until February 6th, 2015

I went back to Corona Shelter and adopted

          Zoey- a terrier mix'Zoey is getting a lot better as the days go by. It's been 2 weeks now. From when I brought her home to now is a big difference. I would have to carry her outside and put her on the grass and myself walk out onto the grass for her to go potty. Today, I can open the door and she goes out on her own to go potty but I have to be in eye view which is the patio now. Since leaving her out with Rootbeer when I leave has been great. In beginning she growled at him and I would have to lock her up. Now I come home and she is at the door waiting for me and spins around in circles, happy to see me. I pet both furkids and set my stuff down and she is spinning around and up on 2 legs wanting my attention. Nothing ripped up or broken and no carpet ruined. I will walk over to the couch and Zoey runs ahead of me and slides onto the couch in my spot where she is all over me. She likes to sleep behind me for some reason. I guess she knows I am her mommy now and has lighten up with Ron too. When I leave she goes to him. She is eating a lot and Rootbeer and Zoey are playing with each other and I am so glad she is adjusting now.'

On my furkids page you will see the before and after

pictures of  Zoey. She is 2 years old & my first

small furkid. Love her to death already.

As of  March 18th 2015

I have Zoey & Rootbeer.  


All God's creatures deserve to wag their tails.

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Do you want to see what two determined people (Ron & I) can do? When we bought the 20 acres for $75,000.00 in 2001, it also had a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom mobil home (A 1980 mobil) on the property which hadn't been lived in for over 2 years and it was a complete mess. A mess is a mild word for it really.

So there is photos of what we did to the property, what we knocked down and what we put up and replaced.

Then we decided to get a bigger place. 

We bought our new home in 2004 and lived in a little 25' travel trailer with our 3 golden retrievers. we put it where the old house was, and while our new home was being put on our property.

The 13 Sycamore trees in the front yard was blocking our view, so we knocked them all down a year later. 

And finally our latest project which we just completed in 2008, is our pond where the trees used to be

 and then we added our beautiful green grass in front.

Before the grass the front was a dusty dirt

filled front yard for over 5 years and oh my,

I love my grass and pond.

Ron did a awesome job, and I helped a little too!!!

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 So go check out the pages and please sign our guestbook too