My Furkids

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My Furkids are the LOVE'S of my heart.


Love is....

2 wonderful furkids loving us unconditionally.


My Wonderful FURKIDS

 ** Zoey** Rootbeer **  



This was Zoey when I saw her at Shelter 2015

Zoey looked like she had never been groomed before

Zoey was so matted, I had her shaved completely

Zoey shaved & at our home. New beginning for her

Zoey August 2015

Rootbeer heading up the hill 2009

Kind of looks like Zoey. Friend sent me this 2015

Look at that sweet face of Zoey. March 2015

Zoey was a bad girl and chewed up carpet 2-18-15

Zoey was a bad girl eating my blinds when I left. 3-8-15

Zoey - March 2015

Please go and adopt or rescue a loving pet at the pound or shelter.

Sweet Rootie is so full of LOVE!!!

Bumper sticker I made 2009

My golden gang & me I made.

Handsome Rootbeer

Rootbeer shaking off the water

Rootbeer & Mandi at shelter before I adopted them. Mandi is Rootbeer 's sister (r) and she is below.

Didn't know when I took this, it would be Mandi's last picture.

Root beer loves the water 2007

Rootbeer & Ally 2011

Chance, my potbelly piggy. I adopted him from my neighbors

My Rootbeer is getting old. 15 years old now 2015

Mandi & Rootbeer. They are always together, always touching

Rootbeer, Mandi & Ally in the pool. Mandi won't move so Ally just stepped over her

RIP Ginger & Rootbeer I still have. 2007

Christmas card I sent out for christmas 2006

My Gang

Ally & Rootbeer 2011

Rootbeer** Sept-2011

I just love thse two so much

Ally Girl- 14 years old. 2013