Our Home Before

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It's a mess but it gets better !!!!!


 2001, We found 20 acres in California for only $75,000.00. We jumped on it since that is unheard of in California. A lot of hill, but if you go to the top of our property, you can see the whole city of Corona almost. It is beautiful and eventually we will build a house up there. But for now, the property came with a 2 bedroom 2 bath mobil home which hadn't been lived in for over 2 years. Only rats, wild dogs, and homeless were living in this home off & on for over 2 years and it was a total mess and junk yard. Alot to do, but we saw the potential in the property and knew it would be a long road.

The photos below are of when we bought as is and the cleaning up to make it liveable for us. This is only the beginning so we could just move in.  


When you drove down the road, this is what you saw.

Coming down the road. arena on the right in front yard

Ron is standing in front of gate to go in and the tack room in front of him in front yard

The barn they had with a few stalls that was on it's last leg

Same side barn is on but back on side of house, the carport

Back area. back door is to the right to go in

Looking out front door to left. this is part of front yard

Going to put tile in entry way.

The other 1/2 of kitchen

Ron is starting to clean up outside

Looking at these now, all I can saw is UNBELIEVABLE

Tear down that horse arena!!!!!!

Afterwards. this is the backyard area. looking a lot better

After. The livingroom looking in from front door

After. Right side of kitchen is done.

After. Looking from master bedroom, the tile almost done

Decided to get a bigger home after all that work

After. The sink side of kitchen area done

After. before moving home, this is the front area cleaned up.

The new septic for new house

Our home for the next 3 months

1/2 of our new home coming Jan 2004(click on "New House"