Our Families

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The Family we Love

Oh Sure,

They're Two-faced

Back-Stabbing, Money-Grubbing,

Buck-Chasing, Brown-Nosing,

Sniveling Weasels

But Hey.....

They're Family !!!!!

Tyson my grandson & me, Grandma 2010

Ron & I on our 2nd date in 1996

Tom Cruise look a like sitting next to me on tour bus heading to French Riveria from Berlin Germany 1989

Lanie in Florida 1990. So many men, so little time. But they were "fun times"

Daddy walking me to Ron on a wedding day on our back patio deck. I was bare foot and fancy free

Kiss Kiss... we are Man & wife now 6-15-97

2013 Ron, Clay, Grandboys atpool

Grandsons Tyson & Sid Blackmon 2009

All we need is Love, Love is all we need.


Ron on top of our property flying a kite 2006

Lanie 2009

I got you babe 2014

Grandsons Tyson & Sid being silly 2009

Collage I made of Ron & I

My wedding day 6-15-97

Grandson Sid and me, a.k.a Grandma

Ron at pool 2010

When Ron & I first met 1995

Ron & I 1995

My grandboys Tyson and Sid 2013

Tyson, Ron and sid 3-5-15

Sid, our Grandson 2010 3 years old

Nieces Shannon & Megann & me 2010

Oct 2014 Grandboys Tyson and Sid

You can tell these two are related. Grandpa Ron and Tyson in 2004

Lowell MI1999

Tyson wrote this on our bathroom mirror 2014

Lanie 1996

The LOVE'S of my life 2014

Shannon & Megann my nieces

1st weekend away with each other to morro Bay 1996

My nieces wrote this in our driveway for me

Collage of our wedding in our backyard 1997